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When and how to use lose, lost, loose and loosen in English language

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Answered: Mirian Alexandra 8 months ago

Lose: (Verb, present tense) have no longer, taken away from one by accident, carelessness, etc.
USAGE: The careless boy loses his pencil every day. Be careful, so that you don’t lose your money to thieves.

Lost: (Verb; past tense of lose) USAGE: The girl lost her book last week. The man lost two sons in the last civil war.

Loss: (Noun) act or loosing, failure to win or obtain.
USAGE: The business man suffered a heavy loss. The loss of so much money made him sick. The Bendel Insurance boys lost the match but their fans were not pleased about such a loss in their home ground.

Loose: (Adjective) free, not held or tied up, not tight, not strict, uncontrolled, immoral.
USAGE: The dog is too dangerous to be left loose. Jane is not the right girl for such a post, she is too loose in morals.

Loose: (Verb) Make free or loose. USAGE: Wine loosed his tongue and so he started to talk freely.

Loosen: (Verb) make or become loose. USAGE: My belt was too tight and so, I loosened it a bit. The screw has loosened.

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