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How to accept an award

What's the best attitude to showcase when accepting an  award -  be  it political award, sports award,  student award or  any  other  award.
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Answered: Ugochi B.B 6 months ago
Studying Nursing at Singhania University, India

Here are some quick tips on how to present and accept an award

  • Tell a story about the significance of the award.

  • Pronounce the recipient’s name correctly.

  • Provide background information on the recipient.

  • Hold the award respectfully, and hand it to the recipient as if it were a treasure.

  • Stand so the audience can clearly see you, the recipient, and the award. 


  • Begin by addressing the audience to buy some time and calm your nerves.

  • Control filler words (ums and ahs).

  • Say thank you, keep names to minimum, and pronounce them correctly.

  • Remember that the audience is rooting for you.

Learn more in the District Assembly Leaders' Guide at

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