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Steps on how to connect my website to online server

1. please i would want to know how to connect and cofigu, my website database to an online sever? 
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Answered: obicheozo emeka 6 months ago
Studied Computer Science at Imo State University Owerri . Interested in Artificial Intelligent, Mobile Applications, Sports and Politics

I would love to help you. but you have to be specific with your question.

From, your question topic, you posted "steps on how to connect my website to online server" and from what you have in your question details you also asked a different question which is not related to your question topic

Now I don't even know what you really want to achieve here.
If I may ask 1.  Do you want to your website to be onilne (live) or 2. are you searching a way to established a database connection to your website?

just be specific?

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Answered: timothy maxwell 5 months ago

Hello there,
From your question, I think you are the newbie developer that is still working on the Local Host.

So you want to make your website available on the internet?

Well you'll be needing a web host for starters and then upload your site online.

How do I get a web host and how do I upload my site?
Well it depends whether you want a free web host and how to upload entirely depends on your web host control panel software

So my suggestion? Ask a specific question, then remind me to Answer. Via message

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