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How can you use Palm kernel oil for skin lightning?

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Answered: Ayomipo Idowu 4 months ago

The oil contains vitamins A and E, and this is the main factor in palm kernel oil properties of skin lightening. These vitamins contribute to skin discoloration, remove dark spots and other defects. The oil can be used to make soap. The recipe is

1) 454 grams of palm kernel oil
2) 72 grams of sodium hydroxide
3) 177 ml of water.

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Answered: Anna Macfall 17 days ago

I would also recommend to pay attention to the soap that you use. Milk acids are very useful for unobtrusive skin whitening. For example Soap & Melt Goat's Milk . 
Do not forget to moisturize the skin well after all))oils are also good for this.

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