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Question Added . Webmaster
Is blogging meant for everyone?
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Answer added . Travel
How can a foreign trained lawyer practice in Canada
Answered by Kaniel Outis 17 days ago

Many foreign-trained lawyers find themselves unable to practice law in Canada because their credentials are not recognized. For that reason, the Nationa...... (More)
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Post created . Politics
APGA dissolves board Of Trustees, Remove Governor Obiano and Bianca Ojukwu
Published 15 May

The Executive Governor of Anambra State , Willie Obiano and Bianca Ojukwu,the former Nigerian ambassador to Spain have been removed from ...... (More)
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Question Added . Travel
Nigeria or Kenya, which is a better place to live?
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Answer added . Travel
Can you live in other parts of Nigeria apart from Lagos?
Answered by Mike JohnPaul 2 months ago
Legal practitioner, Mortgage Banking

It all depends on what your preferences are. There is no an absolutely best place to live in Nigeria, different places in Nigeria have their own pecul...... (More)
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Answer added . Travel
Is Ghana ahead of Nigeria in all aspects
Answered by Uzor Jeffrey 2 months ago

i believe in nigeria,nigeria is made up of lots of natural resources than ghana we just need to rise up and shun corruption... (More)
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