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What are some of things new fathers can do to help their wives when they have a baby?

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Answered: Sunday Ogunyemi 3 months ago

As father and also an husband you have enormous roles to play if you do not want your wife to be stressed. You need to assist her in the kitchen by cutting the vegetable, fetch water and also cook.some time you can assist her to bath the baby after that dress the baby up. As a father you must do your duty by taking care of the financial aspect.

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Answered: Justice Cole 3 months ago
Works as a student

Help her carry the baby for some minutes or hours so that she can have time to rest too.I think this is the most stressful work for women, I know, though I have not been a father before but the way I easily get tired carrying my uncles baby,shows me that this women are really trying

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Answered: Christy O 18 days ago

A woman who just put to birth is usually in pains and often weak.  A little extra work than she can bear,  knocks her down immediately.  Thus,  if her spouse can,  he should help with the immediate chores that will be cumbersome to her.  If due to work schedule will not permit him,  then he can arrange for some temporary form of assistance,  from the immediate or extended family as well as from other forms of acquaintances. 

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