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How to start dog business

I want to start dog training business how do I start
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Answered: Lanre Olanrewaju 5 months ago

First of all, to start a dog business, you must be a dog lover. The business does not guarantee profit and at the same time the business is very lucrative.

My little contribution here is for inexperience dog breeders who may want to learn how to start a dog business in Nigeria.

There are different kinds of dog, which you must be aware of. This will aid you communicate effectively with buyers and also know you much each type is sold.

I may not cover all the dogs’ names and prices here, but you can still do more research to find out more.

We have Security dogs like, Rott weiter, German shepherd etc, Toy dogs (Yorkshire, Terrier etc) and Working dogs (boxer, bull, dave etc).

Price Samples
these are different prices these dogs can be sold:

For a pure bread boar bull male puppy – N90,000 and above

Rott weiter puppy – N100,000

Dobberman dog puppy – N100,000

Dog business is very profitable and requires much of your time for dog blogging, walking, grooming etc. and also requires capital to buy big or small cage depending on your budget, some dog accessories like serving plate, water trough, and dog chain.

 Money to vaccinate your dogs against some contagious diseases that are easily transmitted from one animal to another.  Such as:  Adeno Virus, Canine Distemper, Paro Virus and Rabbies and more money for feeding.

Dogs are fed different kinds of foods that are balance diet. These foods could be

  1. Home –made or outside Food: You can prepare food for your dogs or buy from the hotels. These foods should include stuffs like carrot, meat, eggs and green beans.

  2. Pallet Feed: These are feeds like bingo etc. and other foods rich with fat and oil, dry fish, dry meat, grinded Idomie and maize.

In everything, the essence to make profit. There are breeders who sell to the military, families as pet and some other who just focus on selling to all parties. 

I will advice, you start with one dog. This will help you gain more knowledge about this business. Getting the right people to buy dogs from you may be quite difficult for you as a new person in this business.

To get connected, firstly, focus on families and friends. And move more in advertising your business for more people to know about your business using your social media account or page such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

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