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Is tourism still underdeveloped in Nigeria?

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Answered: Peter Ajiboye 3 months ago

Yes, tourism. Is still underdeveloped in Nigeria, most of our tourist centres are left unattended to.. They are dirty. The government pays less and less attention to them as the years go on.. Any funds generated are usually  Stolen and squandered.. IN SHRT, NO KNE CARES ABOUT TOURISM IN NIGERIA 

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Answered: Samuel Akamo 3 months ago

Yes, it is quite unfortunate that our government have failed to realize the growth and economic value that comes with visitors checking out the various natural wonder that nature bestow to us. Tourism remain under-utilize and still underdeveloped in Nigeria. 

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Answered: Anonymous 3 months ago

Yes tourism in Nigeria is nothing to write about as both past and present administration did not leverage the sector 

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Answered: Bunu Helix 3 months ago

yes, it is very unfortunate that a place like Nigeria can be tourism backward despise the very amazing sight seeing we have in Nigeria.. the Government is not encouraging that aspect of life.

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