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Why would house of reps threaten to boycott buhari's 2019 budget presentation next week?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

because most NASS feel too BIG that they fail to know the difference between the importance of an issue to the general nigerians and self gratification. As a matter of fact, saying they will boycott the president presentation over such a mundane issue shows that the welfare of their constituency is primarily not in their heart!!!

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Answered: doubra emmanuel 3 months ago

Members of the House of Representatives have threatened to boycott the 2019 budget proposals presentation unless the Minister of Budget, Udo Udoma, tendered an unreserved public apology to them.

President Mohamamdu Buhari will formally lay the budget proposals before the National Assembly on Wednesday, December 19, 2018The lawmakers issued the threat, Thursday morning, after Speaker Yakubu Dogara read a letter from the President requesting to present the budget before the National Assembly on December 19.

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Answered: Bunu Helix 3 months ago

If they want to boycott the election for their personal and selfish gain, it is their own cup of tea because not even the NASS are clean cuz they are all dirty one way or the other..

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