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PHP or Java, which one should I learn first?

I need your advice please. I don't want to spend money on anything that won't bring profit. Between Java and PHP which of the two is profitable in Nigeria? And what are the chances of getting a job from any of them for someone who did not study any IT related course.
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Answered: Timothy John 4 months ago

I will advice you to start with Java first then gradually you can move to PHP

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Answered: Anonymous 4 months ago

To clear you, PHP and Java are two different languages with different purpose. Do you what to start a new career in software development or web development? If your primary aim is to become a web developer, then PHP will be good for you, else consider JAVA.

In times of profitability, all are profitable depending all your skills and marketing. and it doesn't matter whether your course of study is related to IT course or not. what I can tell you is that PHP is more closer to grasp for someone with no IT experience than JAVA

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