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How can micro SD card be repaired?

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Answered: Bunu Helix 5 months ago

format it .

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Answered: Harry Nwankwo 5 months ago
artist . Interested in art,sports, dancing, hygiene

Not all SD card can be repaired through formatting depending on how the SD card was damage it might be frozen or cracked to an extent you might not be needed to format anymore.I once had a 16GB SD card and it was OK at first and working perfectly but suddenly it got frozen and works only on my tab so I tried formatting didn't work either but when I used an app RECUVA on my PC it did a great deal for me right there asap so try it for some naughty sds

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How can I stop my WhatsApp friend from deleting a message he sent to me?
Answered by Oluwayemi Bamikole 3 months ago

Very simple. Just download and make use of Gbwhatsapp.With Gbwhatsapp, u get notified when a friend deletes a message, but then the message still remain...... (More)
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How to identify a fake phone from online shopping?
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How to know original or fake Power Bank?
Answered by Salim Korau 2 months ago

There are quite few ways to tell or identify fake or original Power BankIn SummaryIt has no Brand Name: Some power banks in the market has no brand name...... (More)
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