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Which Religion leads to God?

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Answered: Egbo Emmanuel 5 months ago
Medical Student

This is a very critical question, and I want to say that it is a deception to state that any singular religion leads to God alone. In understanding this, one need to consider the concept of comparative religion; as much as many religious groups are not in line with so many expectations of a group that claims to be divine, we must also understand that all religions lead to God in its on way/method. It is only a matter of personal conviction and experience with God that matters. I like to cite Thomas Merton's opinion: “all religions lead to God, only in different ways and every man should go according to his own conscience, and settle things according to his own private way of looking at things “. You may want to read more here

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Answered: Bunu Helix 5 months ago

All religion does... All religion serves one God but in diverse way, there is no one religion that leads to God..

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Answered: Adeyemi Ebenezer 4 months ago

God and religion are not related. Religions are just sects claiming to worship the God that only recognises 'worship' as living your life in accordance to His laws of creation.

But I love the saying: if any religion takes man to heaven, it is Loveism!

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