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What do you love about nature?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 5 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

what I love most about nature is the fact the I will leave my family one day get married and start my own family.

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Answered: Bunu Helix 5 months ago

One thing I live about nature is it beauty in the sky,the trees and the awesome mountains sound the earth..

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Question Added . Family
Must a babe be domesticated to have a happy marriage in this 21st century?
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Answer added . Science
Why do we have different races,skin colour,hair texture when we are all from Adam and Eve?
Answered by Adekuoroye Olumayowa 4 months ago

One very important reason is because we have grown in different countries and thereby different environment. Some in cold regions ,some hot region and t...... (More)
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Post created . Entertainments
I Give Up On Democracy in this country – Davido reacts to his Uncle’s Arrest
Published 07 May

Nigerian Talented hip pop Artist David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has reacted to the controversial arrest surrounding his Uncle since Osun state ...... (More)
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Question Added . Business and trade
Which lucrative business can someone do with #400,000 in Nigeria?
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Answer added . Science
What could possibly be the cause of blur camera in a phone
Answered by Tony Okey 4 months ago

It's key that you check the phone specifications before purchase. For a picture buff, having a camera with moderate or high MP resolution is important, ...... (More)
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Answer added . Science
How can you differentiate X-rays from other electromagnetic waves?
Answered by Joseph Daniel 2 months ago

X-rays are a very energetic form of electromagnetic radiation that can be used to take images of the human body. ... The only difference between them is...... (More)
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