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What is considered racist?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

Racist is someone that thinks you're inferior because of your colour, ethnicity, nationality or race.

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Answered: doubra emmanuel 3 months ago

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Answered: Jamez Mbah 2 months ago

It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another — or the belief that another person is less than human — because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person
E. g Mr Patrick  is said to be a racist  if he  sees Mr Wilson as an inferior being. 

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Answered: Samuel Adetunji 2 months ago
Customer Care Specialist . Interested in Movies, sports,technology,science,and travel.

Any remark or comments that condemn another person or tribe in relation to his culture, tribe or affiliation is racist. A sense of superiority of one's culture, people and tribe with the belief that this place domination over others is utterly racist.

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