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What is your most embarrassing moment writing JAMB CBT exam?

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Answered: Anonymous 5 months ago

Well, I got admission a year before JAMB introduce the CBT exam. my arkward moment with CBT was the year I wrote Uniport Post UTME computer Base Test Exam. I didn't finish on time and immediately my time is up, the system automatically submit my answer.  

Immediately I saw my result.. what a poor one indeed. I lied to my friends outside that i scored high.laughing

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Answered: Wilson Michael 5 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

mine was in 2017 when I wrote my jamb exam, it was like the judgement day when we were In the hall writing the exam almost all the topic I read didn't came out so I was having a tought time with the questions, so I decide to ask my sit mate which is a female when I was whispering to her for answer I didn't know that one of our supervisor was some few meters at my back even the girl refuse to talk to me because she knew, I was very surprise when he came from the back and gave me a dirty slap omo I saw star's everybody in the hall just turn and they was just staring at me about 450 candidate in hall, I felt like just hiding my face in shame I was confused to make things worst the man started bashing me with insult like "you these boy I will castrate you can't you face your work"? most students started laughing. after that time I didn't even turn again till the exam ended.

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Answered: doubra emmanuel 5 months ago

 I got admission a year before JAMB introduce the CBT exam. my arkward moment with CBT was the year I wrote UNIben  Post UTME computer Base Test Exam. I didn't meet up with the time so the system automatically submit my answer.  

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