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Do You Think These Are The Biggest Songs Ever In Nigeria?

Over the years, the Nigerian
music industry has witnessed so
many great songs released by its
musicians, many of them which
have turned out to be songs that
whenever, however and wherever
you hear them, you’d have no
choice but to either sing or
dance along. These songs have
shaken Nigeria as a country,
Africa as a continent and the
world as their habitat.
In this light, here are the 6
biggest songs to ever come out of
1. ”African Queen” –
2baba: “African Queen”
was released in 2004 as a
single off 2face Idibia’s
first album; “Face 2
Face,” after leaving
Plantashun Boiz to ply his
trade as a solo artiste.
This song shook the whole
continent on its release,
and it is till today
considered by many as
one of the greatest love
songs ever to be released
in the history of the
world. It was even
adopted as a sound track
in a Hollywood movie
“Phat Girls” which
featured famous actress;
Queen Latifah.
2. “If” – Davido: After a
fruitless 2016 musically,
Davido returned to
Nigeria after terminating
his contract with Sony
music Worldwide to
release “If” in February of
2017. “If” on its arrival
became an instant hit
and it immediately
became an anthem. The
song pierced through
Nigeria & Africa to get to
other parts of the world.
The song even caused
some controversies as
some people claimed
that a mightily popular
line in the song; “30
billion for the account”
would cause young people
to indulge in illegal ways
of sourcing for money. It
is considered by many as
the biggest song to ever
come out of Africa. The
song was sung joyously by
both the young & old and
even American Legendary
pop musician; R-Kelly, did
a remix of the song with
3. “Oliver Twist” –
D’Banj: During the the
MO’hits era, Eja nla was
the hottest musician from
the label and arguably
the hottest music artiste
in Africa. It was during
this period D’Banj
released “Oliver Twist.
This song became an
instant hit when it was
released on the 11th of
May, 2012, topping music
charts both within Africa
and in Europe, and many
are even of the opinion
that this is the song that
brought major recognition
to African music. D’Banj
was signed to Kanye
West’s G.O.O.D music as
a result of this song and
Kanye appeared in the
song’s video.
4. “Fall” – Davido : This was
the follow-up single to
“If,” and like its
predecessor, it became an
instant hit and an African
anthem. The “Banana fall
on you” line widely
became a trend and
people inculcated
particularly the “fall on
you” in their everyday
life, using that line
whenever they are making
a request or trying to give
out. The visuals to “Fall”
is now the most watched
music video on YouTube
in the history of Nigerian
music and will most likely
be the first Nigerian
music video to attain 100
million views on the
social media channel as it
is currently on over 98
million views.
5. “Johnny” – Yemi
Alade: Yemi Alade did not
release this song
officially, as a matter of
fact the song gained
massive acceptance all
over Africa after it was
leaked when Yemi was on
tour during that period.
“Johnny” became so big to
the extent that the Video
for a long time was the
most watched video on
YouTube in the history of
Nigerian music until it
was stripped off that title
by Davido’s “Fall.”
“Johnny” is undoubtedly
one of the biggest songs
to have graced the
African continent.
6. “Ojuelegba” –
Wizkid: “Ojuelegba”
unlike other songs on the
list was not an instant
hit, it wasn’t even
released as a single but
as a part of “Ayo” album
that was released in 2014.
This song gradually
became a hit until it
attained that “super hit”
status. “Ojuelegba” is a
song that preaches
reality, a song that tells
the story of struggles
faced by young people
and also offering prayers
to helping them survive
it. It flew well over the
Atlantic and into the
minds of American
rapper; Drake and UK
artiste; Skepta, to inspire
a remix which was later
Do you agree with this list or do
you have any songs you feel
should be on it or better still
replace any of them?
Drop your choice(s) in the
comment section below
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Answered: Wilson Michael 5 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

yes African queen is the greatest hit in Nigeria which sold above 2 million copies, I think oliva twist by d-banj should come second because it is a very successful hit song in Nigeria and Africa at large. durubucci by mavin, personally by p-square suppose to be on the list.

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Answered: Bunu Helix 4 months ago

African Queen is the best song so far ever sang in our contemporary society, it has massive airplay whenever you play, people vibe to the song because it is great..

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Answered: doubra emmanuel 4 months ago

indeed yes they are  the biggest songs specially African Queen is the best song so far ever sang in our contemporary society

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Answered: ohonme Patrick 4 months ago

That two davido songs are
not support to be the songs
that should be rated, in my
own view i feel davido song
“Throw way ft wande coal &
shank ” is very much better
than IF and Fall Combined..
please listen to the song
before una talk…

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