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Did human imagination give birth to gods and demons?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 4 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

First let us differentiate between GOD , gods and demons .
GOD is unique form of energy which is infinite and eternal. God energy consists of subtlest energy particles which cannot be seen, can not be measured, can not be seen and hence can never be proved scientifically( because it is impossible for scientists to develop such measurement technique ). Therefore GOD can never be found directly , but can be experienced indirectly , through HIS creation . GOD does exist , but one can never find direct proof of HIM.
Since GOD (unique energy ) is eternal , it does not have to come out of anything , it always exists. There is perfect process of creation , and it is out of GOD ENERGY . When nothing exists , GOD exists .
gods and demons have been defined in two ways , one among human beings and others unmanifested bodies :
Among Human Beings :
Based on the prevalence of mode of Energy ( Energy of Goodness /Energy of Passion? Energy of Ignorance ) among human beings.
121 Views ยท Answer requested by
Roma Bumrah
1. Those who have prevalence of Energy of Goodness in their actions ( thinking , speaking and physical actions ) are designated as gods . Actions of such human beings are always good of others and good of self. They are generally HAPPY ( long periods ) , but sad now and then( short periods ) .
2. Those who have prevalence of Energy of Passion in their actions ( thinking , speaking and physical actions ) are designated as human beings . Actions of such human beings are always good of self and not concerned with good or bad of others . They go through the periods of enjoyment( medium ) and sorrow ( medium ).
3. Those who have prevalence of Energy of Ignorance in their actions ( thinking , speaking and physical actions ) are designated as demons. Actions of such human beings are always good of self and always bad of others . They drive pleasure by harming others . They go through short periods of pleasures and long periods of pain.
4. Among Unmanifested Bodies :
5. Characteristics of gods are similar to manifested human beings . gods (prevalence of Energy of Goodness ) and demons (prevalence of Energy of Ignorance ) .
6. Obvious question is what is the proof of unmanifested beings . Proof is process of reincarnation . More than 3000 cases of children below the age of 5 years have been reported from different nations , different religions and from different background .

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Answered: doubra emmanuel 4 months ago

in terms of demons yes coz even with just a stone you can invoke a spirit out and thats through from your own imagination where you  can also give him the kind of name you what to call your demon

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Answered: Adeyemi Ebenezer 4 months ago

Yes. Human imarginations give birth to gods, but that doesn't mean God does not exist. Indeed, this is one true statement: if there was no God, man would invent one!

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