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Is Buhari too old to rerun?

Why would Buhari appoint Tinubu to represent at the upcoming Presidential Debate? 
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Answered: Wilson Michael 4 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

since he is healthy and strong he can still rerun his age doesn't matter so far he can handle the affair of Nigeria.
if he decides to appoint tinibu to represent him in debate it's he choice, moreover he have other important national issues to attend to, that's my opinion.

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Answered: Tolulope Khadijat 4 months ago

Simply because he knows he's a failure that knows his limitations. Why would he want to make a fool of himself in public when he has a backbone willing to take the fall?

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Answered by Ani Anaka 2 months ago
. Interested in Meeting people, Females , Males

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