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Will this year NYSC batch go to service before or after the election?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 4 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

It's NYSC management that gat the say!
but its better you start preparing,so that you wont be caught unawares.

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Question Added . Religion
How true has Christianity advent in Nigeria destroyed our tradition
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Answer added . Education
Which school is the best to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria?
Answered by Peter Mary 4 months ago

That really depends on your idea of best but here are a few pointers in terms of location history and achievements University of Ibadan : The most ...... (More)
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Post created . Law
Lady who stabs her Neighbor to Death Cries Uncontrollably as Court sentenced Her To death
Published 07 May

A nigerian Lady identified as Stella Gilbert, a 36 year old lady resident in Ajegunle cried uncontrollably on Tuesday few minutes after Justice&nbs...... (More)
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Question Added . People and life style
What have you learned from days without alcohol?
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Answer added . Education
Can WAEC be combined with NECO for admission
Answered by Ihaza Omokaro 2 months ago

Of course, they can be combined. As long as the subject Combination is good. You may not have passed mathematics in WAEC but passed it in NECO, you're g...... (More)
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Answer added . Education
How to score 250 and above in JAMB?
Answered by Joshua Peter 3 months ago

The simple secret is learn to read what is relevant to your exam (Jamb). STOP READING WILD1). GET A JAMB SYLLABUS, MARK OUT ALL THE TOPIC REQUIRED FOR E...... (More)
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