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Is eating fruits late at night healthy?

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Answered: Adekuoroye Olumayowa 3 months ago

Actually it's a controversial issue. But I believe that eating fruits late at night is not bad because most of the fruits we take contain roughages. The primary function is to aid digestion, so by eating fruits, you help to digest quickly what you've eaten and also quench your hunger. So, I don't see it as been bad. 

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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

May disrupt sleep and hormone balance - This is because fruits are acidic and can cause heart burn. This depends upon individual to individual. However, Banana is an exception. It actually promotes sleep.
Possibility of Weight Gain - Fruits at night are often related to weight gain. This is true to some extent. Fruits are a form of simple carbohydrates and sugars which tend to increase the blood insulin levels and result in weight gain. Having said that, eating fruits is still a much better option than eating chocolates or ice creams at night. This is because, fruits are much lower in calories and also satiate the sweet tooth.
Choosing the right fruits : Fruits with a low Glycemic Index viz. Apple,grapes, Orange, Banana should be preferred at night to the fruits like Dates which have high GI.

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Answered: Tolulope Khadijat 3 months ago

Ideally fruits should be taken as a meal on its own so if you are eating late at night- it should be your dinner in order to achieve the purpose for which it was taken. It is also important to take the correct fruit combination especially if you want to take it as dinner before you go to bed. 

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Answered: Adeola Akinsemoyin 13 days ago
. Interested in Entertainment, inspiring articles, movies, books, places, travel, photography

Absolutely! In fact, rather than feeding on junk late at night or even food right before going to bed, it is preferable to munch on fruits. Eat as much as you want, it is better, your body would thank you for it.

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