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Do You Agree With Perruzi|“I Had A Better Year And Made More Money Than Teni” – Perruzi Boasts After Teni Wins Soundcity MVP Best New Act

DMW act, Peruzzi , has expressed
his disappointment over Teni
winning the Soundcity MVP’s
Next Rated awards last night as
he thinks he deserves it more.
He made it known via his social
media moments ago.

He said last year was the year he worked
“hardest” than any other new act
and a year he also made more
money than any of the other new
acts as well.

He however says it is not a
matter of pride that he has said
what he said, but that he is in a
class of his own and no other
new act comes close.

Do you think Peruzzi is right
about deserving the next rated
award more than Teni?
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Answered: ohonme Patrick 3 months ago

i really don't agree With Perruzi, even before the awards i already saw teni winning it. Teni gave us different genres of music while Perruzi was feeding us with similar sounds. Teni sang most of her songs along and she was still able to make each and everyone of the song a hit while Perruzi is always featuring Davido on almost all his songs.. Lastly to be honest with you through the month of December i see Teni perform in more shows than Perruzi did.. i love Perruzi alot but i think teniola deserves the award..

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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

he don't deserve the aware Perruzi always feature somebody or be featured by somebody before his music sales...
Teni released hot singles.

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Answered: Wahab Oriade 2 months ago

he's just ranting. Teni is obviously a better artiste than perruzi both in hits and stage performance.

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