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I borrowed a bosom friend the last cash in my account and his phone line went dead for three months. What do think I should do to him when I finally get to see him?
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Answered: Amaka Prisca 3 months ago

Since it's a close friend, I think you shouldn't be worried about that. find out why his/her official line is no longer reachable. may be something went wrong. but if the money is meant to be refundable, I think by now you should know your friend capability.

for now, I will advice you contact ur friends relations to know whatsup. just pray everything is fine.

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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

since you have know how he behaves next time if he ask you for money again don't give, and if you find him/don't do anything bad just ask the reason why his phone number is switched off for month after borrowing money from you, if he don't have a genuine reason just ask for the money and he refuse to give you the money then you should drag him to the police authority so the matter can peacefully be solved.

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Answered: Jamez Mbah 2 months ago

Never boarder to see him. He just excused his stupid life out from yours. Just double your hustle and add up.

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