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What is the current state of examination malpractice in Nigeria today?

Hello guys, I am making a comprehensive article on examination malpractice in Nigeria in my site Flashacademy. I want you to tell me anything you know about examination malpractice in Nigeria today.
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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

In Nigeria alone; there are millions of students sitting for different examinations, where supposedly only the best are chosen and the rest get nothing. Amidst this competition to stand out and rise with the best, Examination Malpractice is born.
Examination Malpractice is a vice practiced at all levels of educational institutions and Exam boards nationwide. To any desperate student; these venture would sound promising - Easy Pass, Less Hard-work and an easy life through school. But just like every other vices it has its consequences, Naive students and real hard-worker who actually put time and effort into reading are being overlooked for money's sake. There is a reversal in fortune as the failures win and the winners fail.
The Administrators (Lecturers/Teachers) who are supposed to educate the students have also joined the trend, promising students A's in their subjects/courses just for extra cash or in wanting to satisfy their carnal desire promise mark for sex.
Such demoralizing situation is just another paint to the already tainted image of the country.
Teachers encouraging student to contribute money to bribe invigilators during External exams, Swapping of Examination results, Impersonation and many more are factors which can seriously deteriorate the morals of any student and make them view cheating as a way of life.
If the student who grew up with this belief supposedly finds his way into a political seat, what happens The Country will only be plunged deeper into the depth of corruption.
So far the solution provided for Examination malpractice has been punishments for the offenders which is hardly enough as culprit often never see the Court house or face punishments.
I suggest an outlet should be provided to facilitate the easy access to reach out to the student in all levels of education, creating awareness on the dangers and consequences of examination malpractices. Vocational Courses should also be encouraged alongside the standard educational subject's so that those who have little interest in the latter can utilize their talent elsewhere.
I believe putting in these preambles will help go a long way in eradicating examination malpractice and ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

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