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Ways to improve on a child performance in school

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Answered: Rakiya Omale 2 months ago

To help your child improve in his or her academic performance, the following should be taken into consideration.

1 The age of the child in question - children at there tender age require a lot of attention and coaching. Both parents and teachers should dedicate more time to assisting there children to develop good ability of studying. Parents should check their books all d time and ensure they assist them with their assignment as well as explaining further what their teachers must have taught them. As they get older they also improve in their level of understanding and are able to learn on their own.

The ability of the child to socialize with his peers - A lot of children are shy and find it difficult to mingle with other children of their age. Children from rich home who are indoor all the time and have little or no opportunity of going out to play with their pairs tend to lack behind because a lot of things are learnt from sharing ideas. They don't enjoy such privileges as such will also help to improve on their confidence and increase their performance in class. Indeed some kids could be of bad influence on others but their mingling with them and their parents ability correct will help build their characters. Children can't learn if they don't break rules.

3  Listening habit of that child - Some children have poor listening habit. This could be good or bad. It is good if that child is brilliant and have a good level of understanding. He or she could be thinking of the next big thing thus causing him to be distracted. If the child is not bright and is always distracted, child counseling is needed because that child is obviously having some issues. He should be given a listening ear and be assisted in overcoming his trouble and not allow such issues get the best of him.

4  The child's Level of understanding - Children are amazing. At a tender age, a lot of them display certain funny and amazing behavior. One way off improving a child's performance is identifying these behaviours and using them to the child's advantage. Some of them see their parents, uncles, aunties, neighbours etc as role models. They either want to be a pilot, an engineer, doctor etc because they admire a person close to them who is into either of these profession. Parents and teachers should help the child build up his dreams by counseling the child and encouraging that child to study hard.

5  The type of home the child is from - Some children are always bright and happy at all times. The are eager to learn, always concentrating in their studies and have a lot of confidence. This children obviously are loved and are well cared for at home. A bulk of the teachers work has been reduced for the teacher. Those from broken homes or with little or no parental care probably because both parents are busy chasing their careers mostly don't perform well. Such parents should employ the help of teacher to give them extra moral lessons as well as try to dedicate their weekends to spending time with them to help improve their concentration and performance in their studies

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Answered: Wilson Michael 2 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

find him/her a lesson teacher that can put him/her true in any subject or top he/she is having difficulty with.
don't all them play too much they should have a study time- table.

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