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What are the causes and effects of examination malpractice?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 3 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

(1) Society’s Expectation/Orientation- It is the general notion of the entire populace in Nigeria that once you have gone to school you must graduate with a good result. Anything short of that, you are regarded as a failure or a drop out. Your honour and your prestige are at stake. In this respect, certificate is valued as a means to an end. Thus, all means whether straight or crooked are employed to achieve this objective. In short, there is too much emphasis on paper qualification without any thought of the ability of the individual to put into practice the knowledge so claimed to have been acquired.
(2) Parents’ Status/Students’ Inordinate Ambition- Research findings by Ezewu and Obanya, as quoted by Adewumi, (2003), indicate that academic aspiration of the school child is positively related to the socio-economic status of the parents. This is so because children always imitate their parents and many of them would wish to be like their parents and so aspire to be as highly educated or even better than their parents. Some parents want their children to take up their profession at all cost. Consequently we see a situation where some parents go to the extent of buying examination question papers for their wards and also lavishing invigilators and supervisors with gifts.
(3) Educational Institutions’ Demand- In any institution of learning there are specific admission policies or requirements. For instance, from secondary school to University level, prospective applicants are expected to posses some minimum qualification(s) before being considered for admission. In an attempt to satisfy these requirements, students know that they must possess the relevant subjects for the course of study. In an attempt to satisfy these requirements, some of them feel that something must be done to avoid failure in their examinations so as to guarantee the achievement of their career goals. The final consequence of this is that many of them resort to cheating during the prescribed examination (s) so as to fulfill their academic ambition.
(4) Employers’ Demand- Qualifications are the major parameters being used for employment or for filling vacancies in enterprises. Getting the certificate then becomes the most important thing to many of the prospective applicants for securing jobs. The effect of this is that the students who are academically weak but who desire good jobs on graduation easily resort to examination malpractice.
effect of exam malpractice.
imprisonment:most students take a caught in exam malpractice like impersonation carries serious punishment like imprisonment.
disqualification:most people that are caught on exam malpractice end up being disqualified from writing the exam or reduction of mark.

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Answered: Wahab Oriade 2 months ago

The main cause of examination malpractice to me is inadequate preparation for exams. This instills fear in the mind of the candidate and to meet up with the expectations of his parents, peers or family he opt for an unscrupulous means of getting good grades which is malpractice.

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Answered: Ismail Ogunbanwo 2 months ago

Students' involvement in malpractice is caused by poor conditions under whichexaminations are conducted such as inappropriate sitting arrangement and poor supervision.

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