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What is the social values of artificial intelligence?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 2 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

positive value of artificial intelligence.
1. Increase in productivity
2. Increase in quality of life
3. More efficient inter-human transactions by fixing trust deficit
4. Removal of the need to do menial ,stressful or repetitive jobs.
5. Better public-policy implementation, civil administration, democracy. Using AI to run societies and countries would bring in significant transparency in administration ; and therefore expose the prevalent hypocrisy of governments and politicians
6. Reduction in crime, more social conformity
7. Better international integration (since AI agents can impart language skills on demand, translate on demand ,enable familiarity with other cultures by showcasing experiences)
negative effect
1. Job losses both in less skilled and highly skilled jobs
2. If AI deployment happens under the wrong economic policies, there will be a short-term rise in social inequality and a fall in social mobility
3. Impact on predominantly
gender based roles ie., the deployment of robots in a field where one gender is predominantly represented would disproportionately affect people of that gender.[eg: replacing all human nurses with nurse-bots would impact women more than men]
4. Possibility of lack of motivation in humans, the risk that more humans will spending time on entertainment and self gratification without a sense of purpose, without participating effectively in society
5. Possible misuse of AI by state actors to enforce a distorted set of policies over a political territory , holding society hostage to 21st century values and preventing justified dissent
6. If there is any attempt by governments to mitigate AI impact on humans by
enforcing a population policy on society,it might result in gender imbalance and social turmoil.

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