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How can I stop Window 10 from automatic update?

My Windows 10 would start an automatic update, then fail, then reset and start downloading from the beginning again
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Answered: Wilson Michael 4 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

For Windows 10 Home users -
You need to add some registry keys to enforce group policies.
Enable Group policy editor on Windows 10 home version -
FOR %F IN ("%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\ Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package~*.mum ") DO (
DISM /Online /NoRestart /Add-Package:"%F"
FOR %F IN ("%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\ Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package~*.mum ") DO (
DISM /Online /NoRestart /Add-Package:"%F"
Above command will enable Group policy editor on Home version.
3. Download gpedit.msc online, sorry i don’t have the link. But i know there is one third party software.
How To Disable Automatic Updates On Windows 10 Permanently
I will recommend you to go for option 1 and 2 first.
Tutorial - HowToHelps
I hope it helps! :)
Press Windows key and R together and in pop-up box type - “ gpedit.msc ” and hit Enter key. OR simply search “Group policy editor”.
In Group policy editor , double click these folder - Administrative templates/Windows components/Windows update and finally double click on Configure automatic updates. A pop-up windows will open now.
There should be three option. Select “Enable ” and then in Option: “Configure automatic updating” choose “Notify for download and notify for install”.
Now Click Apply, OK and close the program.
It’d done! :)
1. Download and use open-source software called -
Policy Plus.
2. Open cmd as admin and type this command -
Windows 10 Microsoft (company)

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Answered: Emmanuel Okwori 4 months ago

Go to PC settings on your computer, if you dont know how to fined it, just type PC settings and click on it as it pops up. There you can turn off auto updated

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