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What natural remedies are there for anal itching?

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Answered: Ridwan Nurudeen 3 months ago

Natural remedies  for Anal Itching?
Try not to irritate the skin even more by scrubbing the area
with soap. This will only cause more irritation and itching.
Gentle cleaning with water helps the area heal.
Other home therapies include the following:
Change to a plain, soft, unscented toilet paper.
If toilet paper feels too abrasive, try cleaning with unscented
baby wipes or cotton moistened with mineral oil . Dry with
cotton afterward to remove any moisture. Many times, baby
wipes can exacerbate anal itching if used long-term.
Wear loose-fitting cotton underwear that allows sweat to
evaporate. Do not wear panty hose.
Over-the-counter medicines such as creams containing
hydrocortisone or zinc oxide can provide some relief; however,
apply sparingly and notify your health care practitioner prior to
using them.
Avoid food irritants and eat a high-fiber diet .

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Answered: Dogara Gayesu 3 days ago

Home remedies and self-care
  1. Avoid highly seasoned and spiced foods, and maintain a regular bowel habit.
  2. Keep the anal area clean after emptying the bowel.
  3. Avoid medicated, perfumed, or deodorant soaps - use only plain warm water for cleaning, aqueous cream, or emollients. Aqueous cream may be purchased online.
  4. Use moist toilet tissues instead of paper. Compare brands on Amazon.
  5. Avoid allowing the anal area to stay moist, and dry it gently by dabbing, not by rubbing.
  6. Use drying powders, but not medicated or scented ones.
  7. Avoid scratching the area, which creates further trauma and makes the problem worse.
  8. Wearing socks or cotton gloves on the hands may reduce the harm from unconscious scratching for people who find they have been unable to resist overnight scratching.
  9. Wear loose, breathable clothing, avoiding materials such as acrylic and nylon, which trap sweat.

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