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Is a 400 - 500 calorie a day diet with exercise healthy?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 2 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

Consuming 400- 500 calories a day with exercise will put your body in starvation mode resulting in dangerous consequences, one of them being FAT!
Anytime you put the body under extreme conditions, it will fight back to keep you alive.
Extreme starvation diets will make your body react negatively not
respond positively.
When you start your diet to low a few things will happen:
When losing fat you want to coax if off your body not force if off. What will happen when fat loss stops at 400- 500 calories? Are you then going to only consume 400 calories?
You have to start slow and your body will lose fat over a long period of time. Start off with a 250–300 calorie deficit based off your maintenance calories. Simply take your boy-weight (in pounds) and multiply by 14 then subtract 250–300 calories form that. This is the amount of calories you’ll consume in order to begin the process of fat loss.
It’s really that simple. If you are still struggling to lose weight and burn fat, here are 7 PROVEN techniques for drug free fat loss that will turn your metabolism a fat burning furnace=> 7 PROVEN Techniques For Simple Drug Free Fat Lose

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