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What business plan types should entrepreneurs know about?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 2 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

A business plan isn’t for an Entrepreneurs sake, it’s for others. For example, a bank - if you are wanting a business line of credit, or loan. They usually want a business plan from you (not that they’ll ever read it) just so they know you know what you are doing and have a sense of where you are going to make money.
Some investors want a business plan if you are looking for funding, most don’t anymore. Most just want a generalized idea of where you are at now, and where you are going.
Any seasoned Entrepreneur, or experienced investor will tell you, that no matter what you write down on a business plan, once you actually get into business, everything changes. Things look good on paper, but most of it never actually happens the exact way it was written down, making business plans, just guidelines, and completely useless to spend time/money to write in detail.

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Answered: Caleb Yinusa 2 months ago

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