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Hi Guest!! What's on your mind?
What business ideas do you have that you might never execute?

We all have business ideas stored up in our head, jotter or somewhere that we might never venture into or execute. Won't it be nice to see someone else at least take it seriously? Stop being stingy and share!
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Answered: Mkpouto Asanammy 2 months ago

A cheap hostel facility in Lagos is one business I don't understand why no business person has thought of. Lagos is the hub of buiness and corporate jobs and daily alot of young Nigerians troop into the state to 'hustle'. Alot more still desire to relocate to Lagos but are deterred due to high cost accomodation or having no relatives to squat with. A hostel facility with double bunk beds, basic amenities like water, electricity for a weekly/monthly. If don't blow with this business...lemme know why :)

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Answered: Barde Ibrahim Barde 2 months ago

It definitely has to be recharge card printing business. With the way the world, most especially Nigeria is evolving, mobile phones have come to stay. Purchase of recharge cards is on a daily basis and I'm sure the business will thrive in any part of the country.

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Answered: Wilson Michael 2 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

it is mini importation business, I have alway thought of starting a mini importation buisness but I don't know how it is done and where to start from.

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