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Which state in Nigeria has the highest number of pretty girls?

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Answered: Wilson Michael 4 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

i give it to IMO state,Arguably imo state possesses the prettiest damsels in the country. Well-endowed in all ramifications. Little wonder the state has the highest number of Peagents and Models in Nigeria.

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Answered: Harry Nwankwo 4 months ago
artist . Interested in art,sports, dancing, hygiene

Well having stayed in Kaduna state I have seen clearly wth my eyes lots of beautiful and cute girls not talking of Muslims though but Christian girls in Kaduna state are unbeatably pretty

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Answered: chidiebere valentine 1 month ago

IMO state is still my biggest bet.IMO has a lot of beautiful girls especially in the capital owerri.This can be accounted by the high rate of yahoo boys,hotels,nice landsape and amusement centres

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