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How can I register for the 2019 INEC ad hoc staff recruitment?

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Answered: Rotr Emeka 4 months ago

To apply, follow this quick link
Once you get to the page, click on the green button base on the one you wanted to apply for. See snapshot below

Note: Before you register on this platform, ensure you have the following ready
  1. A functional email address.
  2. A functioning mobile phone number.
  3. A personal account number.
  4. A recent and clear plain background passport photograph not larger than 50KB.
  5. Contact details of referee such as email address and phone number.
  6. A valid means of identification (Staff ID No./ Student ID No).
  7. An NYSC Callup Number for former corps members from 2017.

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Answered: Dogara Gayesu 4 months ago

Thanks for this information. Can I also apply with multiple accounts

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