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What is something you saw as a child that you will never forget?

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Answered: Loni Pan 15 days ago

I watched a man die. It was the first and only time I have seen a person die. I was about 9 and in elementary school. Between classes with the homeroom teacher in, I was alone at the desk I shared with a friend by the window. There was a hospital across and you can see the entrance from where I sit. I can't remember what drew my attention but I looked out the window that day in time to see a man being placed on a one of those stretcher bed things. A doctor came up to him. I could see the man was kinda jerky. A nurse obscured my view for a minute. When I could see again, the man was still and the doctor says something before withdrawing back into the hospital. Next thing a woman who I think brought the man starts screaming. I knew the man was gone. It was the stillness. The tension of trying to save a life was gone. The hospital staff outside slipped in. The stretcher was rolled into the hospital in no hurry and I knew I had seen a life end.

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