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What is the biggest problem facing Nigeria?

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Answered: Ihaza Omokaro 2 months ago

Leadership is our major problem in Nigeria. Although the followers/citizens have their own share of the blame but if we have good leaders who would be firm in changing the fortunes of this country, the citizens would have no choice but to adjust and that's one gift that God blessed us with in this country... We can always adjust to any situation we find ourselves 

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Answered: Wahab Oriade 2 months ago

The biggest problem facing Nigeria is overdependence on crude oil. solve this problem and Nigeria will be rescued from this economic mess

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Answered: Anonymous 16 days ago


If people are not poor, we will have less of all the Religious crisis, ethnic bigotry, stealing and all that in Nigeria.

so, one of my best suggestion is below.

I think these steps will be best.

  • Finish up and have your degree if you're in school

  • Get a skill that can make you money at least while working from home.

  • Save more than you spend. you can create a free Savings account on the platform pays you 10-15% interest for all your savings and helps you spend less.

  • After you must have raised at least 30-50K on Sumobank savings platform, join Entrepreneur Platform business Academy and become an expert in a skill.

  • From the things you have learned from the Free Academy, start a business or start a freelance job which will give you your space and freedom.

  • Spend within your mean and learn to save more, this way, you will have enough money in case of an emergency.

  • Withdraw your savings from Sumobank after you have reached a decent amount and invest in land or other business that give you security.

  • Don't use your little capital to invest in High-Risk businesses to avoid losing them. Sumobank will also allow you to save for retirement. 


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