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Can I be a good Web designer without knowing how to code

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Answered: Aigbe Marvellous 4 months ago

Yes absolutely, with Wordpress you can do all of i

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Answered: Marvellous Ebi 4 months ago

Yes, a very good web developer at that, just with the use of plugins provided by Wordpress. All you need to do is to visit their site

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Question Added . People and life style
What is real beauty
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Answer added . Webmaster
Why is Linda Ikeji social media network not functioning anymore?
Answered by Wilson Michael 5 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

From the findings and researches I made about Linda Ikeji Social, I found out LindaIkejiSocial. com was registered on for an outstanding 10 ...... (More)
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Post created . Entertainments
“I’m the luckiest Uber Driver” – Nigerian Uber Driver who picked Davido from US Airport Says(video)
Published 24 Apr

A Nigerian man driving Uber in the United States of America recently got the surprise of his life after realizing that his passenger is one of Africa&rs...... (More)
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Question Added . Jobs/vacancies
How does this actually work? 
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Answer added . Webmaster
How much does Nigerian bloggers earn?
Answered by Anonymous 5 days ago

Many Nigerians have turned to blogging as a means to earn decent money online. Today, Nigerians are the most successful bloggers in Africa. There are d...... (More)
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Answer added . Webmaster
What are the top blogs in Nigeria
Answered by Zubby Olabisi 6 days ago
Works as a student's tutor in mathematics . Interested in Technology, Mobile and football

Top Nigerian blogs can be grouped and described in their various area of specialization.  Example, We have internet blogs that are meant for the en...... (More)
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