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How to use plantains to cure ulcer

Plantains is very good I cursing ulcer
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Answered: Wahab Oriade 2 months ago

The answer is quite simple – eat unripe plantain porridge. If you don’t know how to cook unripe plantain porridge, follow these steps:
Unripe plantain for ulcer treatment
1. Take several plantains, 1-2 onions, dried crawfish, spinach leaves or pumpkin leaves, salt or pepper, some water or broth, red palm oil.
2. Put all these ingredients into a large pot and make it boil. Reduce the heat to low-medium after 20-25 minutes of cooking. Check the plantains – they should be soft.
3. Mash this mixture and add the greens. Don’t forget to let it simmer for some minutes.
4. Add salt and pepper. Ready!
The recipe above is very helpful in curing ulcer and those who stick to it have shared their testimonies of how it ended their problems

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Answered: Aigbe Marvellous 2 months ago

Unripe plantain contains vitamin salt which is very good in curing ulcer, so eat more of unripe plantain

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Answered: Jessie Priscilla 2 months ago

Cooking a lit of unripe plantai

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Answered: Marvellous Ebi 2 months ago

Unripe plantain is known to have anti ulcerogenic activities when taken. Ferment the plantain by leaving it for days in water, and then drink the wate

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