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Why are we so quick to judge others without putting ourselves in their shoes?

We are so quick to judge others without thinking for a moment wont i do the same or worse in same position? 
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Answered: Samuel Adetunji 3 months ago
Customer Care Specialist . Interested in Movies, sports,technology,science,and travel.

We are so selfish and tend to only think of the person's action from our own worldview and comfort zone. We are rushing to work and the public bus stops intermittently to pick passengers. We curse the bus drivers as if we have paid for the empty seat. On the other if we were to be the passenger walking and public bus dont wait to carry us we curse that they have made enough for that day and wicked to abandon us. We really need to be cautious in judging others.

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Answered: Anonymous 3 months ago

An average person is not emphatic in nature, he or she does not want to know the root cause of someone behaving in such a strange manner. All he or she is concerned about is to lay blames where necessary not having thinking the other side of the coin.

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