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What business can a computer science graduate venture into to be successful

I'm a graduate of computer science , and was told to think of any business idea that will be successful, either it's related to my field of study or not, though the capital will be provided for me. what I need now is a very nice business idea that can make me successful.
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Answered: Wahab Oriade 4 months ago

You can venture into starting up a cyber cafe business. You should also organize trainings in your business space for those who wanna learn basic system operations, web design, programing , use of accounting softwares and so on. I think with hard work and prayer you will be successful in you venture into the business stated above.

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Answered: Lucky Kaine 3 months ago
A blogger, Digiatl marketer and A web designer . Interested in business, investment, blogging and marketing

Hey bro, You're a computer science student and still asking of a business idea? No offense bro. But come, you have a goldmine knowledge. Anyway, I know that what we studied at school sometimes does not apply to the real world. As a computer science student, you have the following option to choose from.

1. start a blogging business about what you studied at school or what you are good in. blogging is a very lucrative business only if you know your onions(topic or Niche) very well. You will make money with your blog from Google Adsense or affiliate marketing.
2. Join and affiliate Network and start promoting products for them online and make serious money.

3. Become a digital marketer and start promoting peoples products on a platform like facebooks. 

4. Dropshipping. open an e-commerce store and start selling to the global audience without having a single product.

But sincerely, the best option for you will be to start a blogging business and, start teaching your fellow Nigerians what you know for free, build an audience and find a way to monetize the blog. once again it's very lucrative. I can help you with anyone you decide to go with. with the tools, knowledge, and support you need. get in touch with me if you find those ideas interesting.

Most computer science graduates that I know make money from their bedroom leveraging on their knowledge.


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