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How do you know if someone is monitoring your line

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Answered: rahman ayodele 5 days ago

There are some signs that may let users to know that someone is monitoring their line. Some of these signs are: 1. You will be getting an unsuspicious text 2. You will discover that your device battery drains faster 3. Another way to know is that you will be seeing unwanted applications on your device 4. In order for the spy that is monitoring your line to achieve it, he or she uses global positioning system(GPS) which will in turn makes your device to overheats most times.

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How to clone Sim card?
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Where can I earn N3,000 daily and withdraw same day?
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Which laptop is good for gaming?
Answered by Emmanuel Okwori 4 months ago

Laptop type is not a problem but the capacity is what you should consider. Get a laptop with good graphics card, a minimum of 8gig ram, and 500gig. ... (More)
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