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Who did God first called between Terah and Abraham?

Who did God first called between Terah and Abraham?
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Answered: AFOLABI Oluwole 2 months ago

It was Terah Abraham's father God first called. God told him the land to go to but, He did not tell him what He will make out of him.But instead of Terah to go to the land of Canaan as directed by God he settled at Haran. Because of this God had to call Abraham to come out of his family. God told Abraham what He will make of him but did not tell him the land to go to. So by faith Abraham left his family. Gen 11:31-32, Gen 12:1-4.

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Answered: Oluwaseun Alamu 2 months ago

God didn't call Terah in the first place. He only called Abraham. Therefore, Abraham was first called. 

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