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How can a student increase his/her IQ

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Answered: OKEREAFOR ANTHONY 2 months ago


As a student the need for high understanding or assimilating capacity cannot be overemphasized; as it is fundamentally what boosts one’s knowledge base, and ultimately one’s performance in examinations. IQ; is known fully as intelligence quotient, and is popularly used as a basis of detecting one’s level intelligence-practically done through intelligence quotient tests. The paucity and arbitrary nature of determining one’s intelligence is what gave rise to the IQ test, which has become relatively reliable. It is therefore imperative as a student to know/ have idea of your IQ level, and some of the ways to improve it. Some of which are:

Reading: practise of reading is not new to students, but reading to improves ones IQ as a student goes beyond academic works. In other to boost your level of intelligence and expand your knowledge, you have to create genuine interest learning new things, specifically through reading other materials or books that does not have to do with academics. such as; magazines, journals, newspapers, books, encyclopaedias and even a religious / spiritual book such as the bible or Quran. Adding books as those mentioned or others not mentioned can help broaden your perspectives to life, boost your reasoning capacity, and sharpen your problem solving ability.

Play mind tasking games, such as scrabble, cross word puzzles, jigsaws, chess etc. as they unleash the calculative and problem solving part of the brain. Fun and leisure game are good since they help the brain to unwind and take a break from the rush and demands of your routines. But as a student who wants to improve his/her IQ, it is advisable that you spend more time playing mind tasking games as they ultimately boost quick thinking and subsequently intelligence.  

Tweaking your routine from time to time and doing things differently; this could also help your brain in a little way as it helps fights out complacency or laxity. It could be said that when you become too comfortable and lackadaisical, you could yourself the opportunity to task your mind or brain into looking at previous problems or challenges from a different angle, and coming up with unique and creative solutions to them. Therefore, it advisable that from time to time you try or take up new challenges to help sharpen your brain or mind. E.g. You could try meditating, visiting a library, a museum, going volunteering, or taking up a leadership position. This could also require that you look at problems and challenges differently and deliberately try to approach them from an un-chatted angle.

Adequate Resting or sleeping; it has been proven by neuroscientists and other related professionals that sleep can be a serious antidote to the brains processing capacity and productivity. Sleep not only recharges our body but also recharges our brain, and affords it the opportunity recuperate, re–process old data/ information and reproduce a more practicable and workable solution to existing problems or challenges. It is advisable to have at least 7 to 9 hours sleep a day, so as to help the brain withstand the barraging of data and information that is thrown at it. however stressful your lifestyle or schedule might be. Try as much as possible to prioritize sleep.

Eat foods high in nutrients like vitamins and proteins, such as fruits and vegetables, and avoid junk and processed food. It has been proven by nutritionists that nutrients from fruits and vegetables supplies the brain with adequate and optimum vitamins required for its proper functionality.

Exercise as frequent as possible; as it has been proven that exercise keeps the brain alert and active. Exercise likes riding bicycles, playing footballs, swimming, etc. could come in handy. They also help sharpen the brain, which in turn could build your level of intelligence.

Learning new skills; such as learning to play an instrument could also help boost your intelligence.

Lastly try as much as possible to avoid illnesses by keeping a neat and sanitized environment. It is evident that sickness could affects the brain optimum functionality and limits is productivity.

The above mentioned advises may not be done concurrently but could done intermittently or gradually. To build ones IQ as student isn’t quite difficult, but would most likely take some time, effort or commitment, depending or the level of intelligence one wants.  

Intelligence isn’t a state of the mind or the brain that is static or stagnant, it crystalizes and gets reshaped from time to time. It can be improved or worked upon by an individual (specifically as a student).

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Answered: Dare Toyo 6 days ago

Eat fruits a lot. Honey, is known to help increase IQ. Do not eat too much.

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How can a student increase his/her IQ
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