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How did nairaland become so successful and popular?

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Answered: Lanre Olanrewaju 3 months ago

Nairaland became popular bcos when it came out it was the first of it kind. Nigerians has no where Internet forum where matters related to Nigerians problem can be discussed. Blogs, forums and other news carrier websites wasn't that popular then. It was as of them it got many visitors and members, who are now addicted to to it, followed contributed to the growth of it and was luckily to be ranked high by Google search.

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Why Google++ will be shut down by Google this April
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What are some cool ways to improve a website ranking using off-page SEO
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Woman gives birth on her wedding day
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Question Added . Programming
how possible can one use java and php to create a virus??
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Answer added . Webmaster
What are the top blogs in Nigeria
Answered by Zubby Olabisi 7 days ago
Works as a student's tutor in mathematics . Interested in Technology, Mobile and football

Top Nigerian blogs can be grouped and described in their various area of specialization.  Example, We have internet blogs that are meant for the en...... (More)
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Answer added . Webmaster
How much does Nigerian bloggers earn?
Answered by Anonymous 5 days ago

Many Nigerians have turned to blogging as a means to earn decent money online. Today, Nigerians are the most successful bloggers in Africa. There are d...... (More)
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