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How to advertise packaged mushroom in nigeria

We have been producing mushroom for quite a while now in Nigeria and we have been selling.However when we started massive production we discovered that we needed more people to help us sell like distributor .The product sells well especially through already existing stores and pepper soup joint But we are having problem in getting the word out to more people.So please if you know an effective way of getting distributors to partner with.please let me number is 08062266370.We are ready to give good discount to the distributors.The problem is how to get the word to them.Thanks.
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What Is The Update On ASUU Strike: FG Approves Over N35.4bn, To Resume Talks On Thursday
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What is Compost?
Answered by Wahab Oriade 4 months ago

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. This process recycles various organic materials otherwise regarded a...... (More)
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