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Any VPN for unlimited browsing cheat?

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Answered: obicheozo emeka 1 month ago
Studied Computer Science at Imo State University Owerri . Interested in Artificial Intelligent, Mobile Applications, Sports and Politics

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Answered: Justice Cole 1 month ago
Works as a student

It’s still working for 9mobile free browsing cheat with GO VPN. Although, it also has its pros and cons. The cheat is not very fast but UC mini can help you. Once you have activated the free browsing on 9mobile, just launch the UC Mini app from the link provide below and start downloading.

Pros of using the cheat:
There are some advantages of using GO VPN apart from the major free browsing you can get from this cheat

  • It gives you access to blocked sites

  • It secures your connection in the internet

  • There are free servers from Canada, USA etc.

  • Disadvantages of this Cheat

  • It’s very slow for browsing


  1. It’s slow for downloading unless you use UC mini browser app to help.

  2. It works only on Android devices.

  3. You need to download a third-party app which is the vpn.

  4. The app uses ads.

  5. There are VIP servers which are not free.

Noting much is required but only

  • 9Mobile SIM with 0.00kb balance

  • An Android phone or tab

  • The Go VPN app. (download here)

  • UC Mini Handler (download here)

  • Strong and stable 3G network.


  • Download GO VPN from the link above.

  • The turn on your 9mobile data connection.

  • After installing, launch the app.

  • Next select any free server you want (Note: not VIP servers unless you are ready to pay for it).

  • Then return back and tap on “Paper Plane” to connect VPN.

start downloading, enjoy.....

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