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Question Added . People and life style
What do you hate most about Facebook?
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Answer added . People and life style
Do you want to hug President Muhammadu Buhari?
Answered by IFEZUE MATHEW 3 months ago

The president is the number one citizen of every country,and the most important personality in every country,likewise president muhammadu buhari,it will...... (More)
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Post created . Business and trade
Published 17 May

        **TOP BEST  FOREX AND CFDs BROKERS IN NIGERIA**It is not an easy decision when it comes into choosing a ...... (More)
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Question Added . Education
Is NYSC allowance included in the new minimum wage?
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Answer added . People and life style
What is something you saw as a child that you will never forget?
Answered by Loni Pan 15 days ago

I watched a man die. It was the first and only time I have seen a person die. I was about 9 and in elementary school. Between classes with the homeroom ...... (More)
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Answer added . People and life style
What’s the naughtiest experience you’ve had with a nurse?
Answered by Wilson Michael 5 months ago
entrepreneur . Interested in politics,education,business,art,fashion.

Naughtiest in terms of sexual behavior, or in terms of misbehaving pediatric patients? however I can recount my worst experience with a nurse when I was...... (More)
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