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What is video editing and where can I work as a video editor

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Answered: Chinedu Obikwelu 18 days ago


We are happy to announce the launch of a unique website for freelancers, other provider of services and project owners.

Podlancer is a freelance website, designed to provide project owners with the opportunity to post projects/ jobs to a community of over 1000 Professionals On-Demand with the aim of getting bids from these professionals so that one of them can be hired to get the job done.

As long as you want to get a project done, Podlancer is the platform. You are free to register as a project owner or freelancer on

What makes it different?

1. It is built and styled differently.
2. No need for multiple listings, one profile is all you need.
3. Register one profile, update and maintain on the go.
4. Profiles do not expire.
5. You can boost your listing to featured (premium feature) where your listing is shown on top of others for the number of days purchased.
6. Add gallery, portfolio of your work

Register NOW on

Kind RegardsThe Podlancer Team

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