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Hi Guest!! What's on your mind?
What's that unforgettable day in your life?

Let's have a word on that one day in your life you'll categorise as unforgettable. It could be an event or an experience, let's just get talking.

For me it is the day I slept on a grave in a cemetery I knew not who was resting underin because I was lost from my group while on a perilous journey through the deserts of Africa on our way to Europe by land some 20 years ago. Feel free to upvote in case you want to read more about my perils and travails..
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Answered: Anonymous 1 month ago

As a graduate, the day I spoke bad English in my community is my unforgettable day. Every one look unto me as a figure . Some children even see me as their role model.

I can't forget that day I was privilege to give an open remarks in my town. I was facing people of different backgrounds and qualifications. But I messed up, wasn't able to express myself boldly and clearly. My speech contains lots of grammatical error.

That horrible day, I was still speaking, people started chatting that I'm a graduate, I can't even speak correct English. I heard voices saying I should leave the stand. I didn't finish before the MC took the mic from me. Everyone was disappointed in me. Then I couldn't even face my parents, my uncles, aunts and young ones .

I really thank God that today I'm improving but that day I still can't forget

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Answered: Oluwasola Sarah 30 days ago
Teaching, acting, Couture, play writing. . Interested in Acting, scripts writing, compere.

The unforgettable day in my life was when I ran out of the house during my secondary school days. Then, I was staying with my aunt. She threatened to deal with me because she cuaght me with a letter I wrote to my boyfriend then. The boyfriend ran way as I also took to my heels. For several days, I was sleeping under the bridge, in churches and I almost got raped one day when a guy offered to help. For several days I was a begger begging for food to eat. Wow! I can never forget the ugly experience

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