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How to convert gift cards and BTC to naira is the professional platform to trade Amazon/iTunes gift card and BTC.  

coolregister with the invitation code A000066

coolupload cards

coolwaiting the alert

cooladd your bank detail then withdraw, then you can get your payment


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Answered: Adekunle Oluyemi 5 days ago

That is one way to do it...if you want to Earn $200 BTC weekly then click on link below....

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How can you control your sexual urge if you don't have a girlfriend?
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Answer added . Business and trade
How to open Public Limited Company in Nigeria?
Answered by Mike JohnPaul 2 days ago
Legal practitioner, Mortgage Banking

To set up Public Limited enterprise all you have to do is to proceed on  It is a website of the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commissi...... (More)
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Post created . Education
Minimum Wage: FG Increases NYSC Allowance to N30,000
Published 17 May

The Federal Government has increased the monthly allowance of members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to 30,000.https://www.correct...... (More)
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How can I improve my facebook page reach?
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Which lucrative business can someone do with #400,000 in Nigeria?
Answered by Mirian Alexandra 9 days ago

With 400k one can startup a small boutique business. You can look for a small shop in the city where monthly rate is 10k. beg the landlord/landlady...... (More)
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Is Loom another version of MMM?
Answered by Ugonna Ezelie 15 days ago

My people will never get tired of embracing another Ponzi network like MMM after loosing their hard-earn money on MMM. LOOM may be legit as promised, ju...... (More)
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