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Do you think Nigeria is going to be better or worse than it used to be?

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Answered: Ubong-Abasi Etim 3 months ago

We hope it becomes more better

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Question Added . Food
Is eating fruits late at night healthy?
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Answer added . Politics
What is your take on the APC anti corruption crusade?
Answered by Chigozie Okonkwo 4 months ago

Its a case of saint APC against PDP gentiles.....either you join the saints or you have your self to be blame. Oshio baba has made it clear.... (More)
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Post created . Entertainments
Nollywood Actors Protest Against Killings In Nigeria(photos)
Published 16 May

Nollywood actors under the umbrella of ‘Concerned Actors And Seasoned Nollywoood Stars’are raising their voice against the incessant ki...... (More)
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Question Added . Travel
What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Lagos, Nigeria
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Answer added . Politics
When is INEC presidential election results coming out?
Answered by Mike JohnPaul 3 months ago
Legal practitioner, Mortgage Banking

Nigerian presidential election results normally take  2 -3 days after the day of the election before it comes out, reasons for this is that, it&rsq...... (More)
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Answer added . Politics
Why are most Nigerians (not all though) unpatriotic.
Answered by Ihaza Omokaro 4 months ago

There are several factors that can be identified as reasons why most Nigerians are not patriotic... 1. We don't see ourselves as Nigerians first be...... (More)
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